Frequently Asked Questions

What is United Way of Audrain County?

United Way of Audrain County is a local and regional partnership of volunteers, contributors, staff, agencies and social services, which raises and distributes funds and strives to strengthen community capacity and individual ability to care for one another.

Why is United Way of Audrain County the best way to care in our community?

Fund-raising costs are consistently low to ensure your contribution goes to work helping people who really need it. United Way of Audrain County is your United Way and is run by local citizens.

Who runs United Way of Audrain County?

A volunteer Board of Directors composed of 12 individuals representing a cross section of the community. The board takes seriously its responsibilities as a custodian of community funds. The board sets and monitors policies, establishes and reviews the budget and ensures United Way’s accountability for stewardship to all contributors.

What is our United Way's relationship with United Way Worldwide?"

All United Ways are independent and are governed by people in their local communities. United Way Worldwide is the national service and training center of United Way across the country. They provide services like training, research, assistance with national companies, national advertising, and working with other United Ways to solve various problems in our communities.

Why does United Way hold an annual campaign?

Because adequate resources are not available, United Way funded programs cannot provide vital services to the community without financial assistance. Service providers rely on United Way contributions to meet the needs of the community, and your contribution, added to that of thousands of other United Way contributors, enables agencies to help the greatest number of people possible.

Does my money stay here, in my community?

Yes, your gift will support programs and services for people living in Audrain County.

Why should I give if I never use agency services?

The wholesome atmosphere of a community is directly influenced by the health, happiness and well being of everyone in it. Also, you never know when you or a member of your family may need a United Way service. It is comforting to know that if you ever need these services, you have helped to ensure that these services will continue to be available.

How much should I give?

Giving is a personal matter based on your desire to help others, your interest in the community and your own financial ability. “How much” is a personal and voluntary decision. Your gift supports 16 United Way partner agencies all year long. Every gift counts…it begins with you!

Who decides where contribution go and which services receive support?

The Board of Directors study community needs, agency requests and allocate funds to meet the most pressing human care needs.

If I stop working, what happens to my pledge?

Your pledge to United Way is made in good faith and is based on your earnings. Should you cease to be employed, you are completely and immediately absolved of your pledge. However, you may pay it off should you choose to.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Your gift is tax deductible if you itemize deductions.

Don't United Way agencies charge fees for their services?

Some agencies do and some do not; those that do base their charges on the individual's ability to pay. If an individual is unable to pay, no charge is made. Your generous pledge means that services are available to all who need them.

Why isn't my favorite agency a United Way of Audrain County member?

Non profit organizations that want to be United Way member agencies must apply for certification and go through a formal review process. Some choose not to apply for any number of reasons. In some cases they may not want the level of scrutiny by community volunteers that is involved; others may not want the fund-raising restrictions required. There are many worthwhile agencies that help people with specific needs. But when you give your time and/or money through United Way you become part of a caring force to strengthen our community that is unduplicated by any web site, federation, or any other non profit organization.