What United Way of Audrain County offers your business:

A gift to the United Way of Audrain County is a powerful way to invest in the health and wellbeing of our neighbors.

Even $1 a week can change lives & enable:
families to live better…
safe and healthy kids…
seniors who are able to stay in their homes…
families no longer living in fear…
help for emergency needs…
and a listening ear…..

These are all examples of the good work UNITED WAY of AUDRAIN COUNTY makes happen each day. A dollar or two might not seem like much, but when combined with other gifts, it makes a true difference in the lives of those around us. Benefits for your company:

Benefits for your company

  • Builds employee morale and fosters a sense of team spirit
  • Cultivates leaders through employee development opportunities
  • Provides information on critical community issues and opportunities to be a part of the solution
  • Connects your company and employees to the community
  • Benefits for individuals
  • Helps employees make informed investments
  • Helps employees become involved with local non-profit agencies
  • Provides information on local health and human service needs

Why should a business partner with United Way of Audrain County?

There are many benefits to your company to joining United Way as a Business Partner:

  • To maximize impact
  • Brings together individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and agencies
  • Collaborates on targeted community solutions
  • To drive positive community change
  • Addresses root causes of problems, not just symptoms
  • Invests in proven solutions and supports innovative ideas
  • To reach the whole community
  • Offers a centralized, community-wide fundraising approach
  • Provides cost-effective and efficient services
  • local nonprofit health and human service agencies
  • Provides volunteer opportunities such as Day of Caring

Our workforce accounts are the backbone of our Campaign. If you are interested in starting a workforce campaign at your business, contact us. There are many benefits to your company to joining United Way as a Business Partner.