The Best Way to Care in Our Community

United Way of Audrain County is a local and regional partnership of volunteers, contributors, staff, agencies and social services, which raises and distributes funds and strives to strengthen community capacity and individual ability to care for one another.  Fund-raising costs are consistently low to ensure your contribution goes to work helping people who really need it. United Way of Audrain County is your United Way and is run by local citizens.

Your gift will support programs and services for people living in Audrain County.  A proven partner for over 50 years!


Our Mission

We all have a stake in what befalls our fellow man. We all benefit when a child succeeds in school, when someone finds a job that will help them provide for their family, or when more people are able to access quality, affordable health care.  

The solutions we create for communities around the world go beyond short-term charity for a few.  We rise or fall together. With your support, we are reaching for great new heights.

Every gift counts…it begins with you!